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iFrame: définition et utilisation Ryte Wiki.
Dans cette situation, liframe doit être étendue à laide de lattribut suivant: iframe sandbox" allow-same-origin. Attributs supprimés: sous HTML5, les iframes nutilisent plus les attributs styleborder ou scrolling de manière standard, puisque les cadres ne sont plus actualisés pour les iframes et quils perturbent une mise en page moderne.
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How to safeguard your site with HTML5 Sandbox.
We know that the sandbox attribute locks down security of hosted content. The decision is clear: Use IFRAME elements just with the sandbox attribute! You can confirm that the browser supports the IFRAME sandbox attribute with a simple check in JavaScript.:
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Spécifie la hauteur de la fenêtre name. Spécifie le nom de la fenêtre sandbox. Permet de définir des restrictions sur le contenu de la fenêtre attention, à partir de IE 10 et opéra 13. iframe sandbox value" Valeurs possible.: sanbox: applique toutes les restrictions.
Sandboxing JavaScript Zendesk Engineering Medium.
Iframes work well to sandbox JavaScript for a number of reasons. Firstly, an iframe represents a nested browsing context, meaning they dont share the global scope or the DOM with the parent page. Secondly, scripts running within an iframe are subject to the same-origin policy, described in more detail below.
iframesandbox attribute Chrome Platform Status.
no JavaScript in iframes iframe sandboxallow-same-origin" allow-forms" src./iframe." Status in Chromium. Blink components: Blink. Enabled by default in.: Chrome for desktop release 19. After a feature ships in Chrome, the values listed here are not guaranteed to be up to date.
webappsec-feature-policy/ at master w3c/webappsec-feature-policy GitHub.
To support this, the precedence is changed in this one case: If the sandbox attribute is present, the plugins" feature will be disabled, and this will override any mention of plugins in the allow" attribute. iframe sandbox allow" plugins" / iframe.
Understanding the New IFRAME Elements in HTML5.
The sandbox Attribute. The sandbox attribute of the IFRAME element is a very useful security feature of iframes. When you place it in an IFRAME element, you are instructing the user agent to disallow features that might cause a security risk to the site and its users.
iFrames for sandboxing Technology Radar ThoughtWorks.
This can have a negative impact on both security and performance. While we are still waiting for fuller JavaScript isolation with web components, our teams have benefited from using HTML5 iFrames for sandboxing untrusted JavaScript. We are a software company and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals.

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