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VirtualBox SandBox OpenNebula.
The sandbox is a CentOS 7 virtual machine image with a pre-configured OpenNebula 5.6 front-end, a virtualization host using QEMU ready to execute virtual machines, and prepared images to offer a complete and rich cloud experience. Optionally other physical worker nodes using any of the hypervisors supported by OpenNebula can be enrolled to build small-scale cloud infrastructures.
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Seccomp, une sandbox intégrée au noyau Linux
Les plus beaux exemples d'utilisation' de seccomp sont ceux qu'on' ne voit pas: qemu, openssh 6.0, google chrome Ces projets profitent de seccomp pour accroitre la sécurité sous Linux. En rédigeant ce journal, je suis aussi tombé ouille sur un beau projet de sandbox qui mériterait d'être' plus connu: Mbox.
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Firejail security sandbox.
Firejail can sandbox any type of processes: servers, graphical applications, and even user login sessions. The software includes security profiles for a large number of Linux programs: Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, VLC, Transmission etc. To start the sandbox, prefix your command with firejail.:
Firefox 57 Brings Better Sandboxing on Linux.
Because Windows and Linux are different operating systems and most of the Firefox userbase is on Windows, Mozilla focused on improving the Firefox sandbox for Windows first. Sandbox feature updated to catch up with Firefox for Windows. In Firefox 57, the Firefox sandbox feature will receive improvements to put it on similar levels of protections as the Windows version.
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Security/Sandbox MozillaWiki.
Electrolysis Wiki Page lot of additional resource links. Security/Sandbox/macOS_Release description of what to do when a new macOS release comes out in order to find out what updates they made to the sandbox. Apple's' Sandbox guide. Introducing" Chrome's' next-generation Linux sandbox" seccomp-bpf related.
La Sandbox Firefox sous Linux / MISC-078 / MISC / Connect Edition Diamond.
De fait, le navigateur Firefox nutilise pour le moment pas de sandbox multi-utilisateur. Lutilisation des namespace sous un même utilisateur est en cours de développement comme une alternative possible qui ne nécessite pas les privilèges de lutilisateur root mais nécessite un noyau Linux récent.
Sandbox your applications with Firejail Own your bits.
4 Comments on Sandbox your applications with Firejail. Pingback: OWN YOUR BITS: Sandbox your applications with Firejail Firejail. Pingback: Links 7/11/2017: 4.0 Development Update, Apache Kafka Reaches 1.0, Apache OpenOffice Revisited Techrights. Pingback: Using bubblewrap to sandbox applications in Linux Excerpts of the Regginator.
puppeteer/ at master GoogleChrome/puppeteer GitHub.
Setting Up Chrome Linux Sandbox. In order to protect the host environment from untrusted web content, Chrome uses multiple layers of sandboxing. For this to work properly, the host should be configured first. If there's' no good sandbox for Chrome to use, it will crash with the error No usable sandbox!

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